Fleur De Floral

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Please note - This bibs print is different on each bib. You will receive a similar one to the image•

The Inflorescence Bibs Collection have the loveliest prettiest floral design prints. Reverse side are white with soft pom pom details. ⚜️

*Disclaimer* One bib per purchase - image displays the two designs on each side per bib.

Bibs can be used as a dribble bib or fashion accessory for your babies to wear. We do not recommend bibs to be used during mealtime as food stains can be hard to get out.

• Care - Cold hand wash is recommended as they are delicate designs. Lay out flat to dry with pom pom lace/fringes placed correctly.

This item is handmade and as such may vary slightly in length and design. Colors may appear different on your screen than in person due to individual screen/monitor settings.

As with any baby accessory this product should not be used without proper adult supervision. Never leave an infant or child unattended with this product. This product does contain small parts and the customer assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the product is used in a safe manner. By purchasing this product the customer agrees that use and purchase of the product is entirely at the customer's own risk. Mylittlecubs&co, nor any of its agents, affiliates, or contact providers shall be liable in any way for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of use of the products.

•Bibs should not be used in a cot or crib or during sleeping times.